Aiki had his birthday on the 17th of this month--we had a little dinner together that I made, which was nice, as we got to eat and relax without our 3 children to tend to :)
Some of the food I made..(or cut..haha)

Then, the day after we took the whole family out to eat..
Joan and Kate, waiting for a table..
My 2 girls and I, all looking a tad bit odd
Kimbs..checking out the menu
Kina beans doing the same
Kimbs, eating a lemon, or at least trying to
Happy 22nd baby!! Thanks for being a great husband and dad to our girls. Love ya!

Kimbs had her birthday on the 7th of June, and we had a little 'party' for her. We had some cake and strawberries and sang to her and got her a little present. She loved every minute of it--clapping for her song, gurgling excitedly and giving little 'oh!'s and 'wow!'s at the sight of her cake and present. She is definitely the most expressive of our 3, as when the other 2 had their first birthday they didn't seem to notice anything special for them was going on. I taught Kimbs to put her hands to her chest for 'me', so when I asked her who's birthday it was she put her hands to her chest to say 'me', it was soo cute! haha. She really shoved a ton of cake and strawberries into her mouth, which was surprising as she isn't so into food, she really enjoyed the cake. We had a photo disaster, where our camera's batteries ran out, then Joan brought her camera but she had no space on her SD card, so we borrowed Joanie's camera, but their batteries were out too! Anyways, we got a couple of pics before the batteries ran out and before we ran out of space on Joan's SD card. Happy first birthday Kimbers!!

Some pics from May...

Kate in her new bathing suit, wearing her sunglasses...Eating sausages--barbecue at the beach

Kina beans--taking it easy (as usual) at the beach
Kina in her bikini and sunglasses

My happy Kimbers
She spent the entire time at the beach either sleeping or playing with this pole...
She was so pleased
This is the face she makes when you tell her to smile at the camera..

Aiki and I at the beach..
Some pics from mom's visit..

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