Some pics from May...

Kate in her new bathing suit, wearing her sunglasses...Eating sausages--barbecue at the beach

Kina beans--taking it easy (as usual) at the beach
Kina in her bikini and sunglasses

My happy Kimbers
She spent the entire time at the beach either sleeping or playing with this pole...
She was so pleased
This is the face she makes when you tell her to smile at the camera..

Aiki and I at the beach..
Some pics from mom's visit..


  1. Leika said...
    Kimby's soooooooo cute! And, my, Aiki, looking all growed up...
    Alyx said...
    geesh! she really does that? that is SUCH a nasty face! haha
    Mary said...
    haha I love it! its like this sudden twitch

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