We have...

...Hand-foot-and-mouth disease! Thankfully the kids seem pretty happy and genki aside from the blisters on their hands and feet. Keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't spread like wildfire to the other 40 people tho' :). Here's a couple more pics from Seaworld as well as from a beach trip we took a little bit before. We are sweating it out in this humid, hot weather, but the kids seem pretty happy all things considered.

Beach trip!Barbecuing sausages
Trying to feed all 3 girls at once
Kimbs, who sucked on this chicken bone for a good 15 mins

Very happy to be in the water
She enjoyed it soo much!
Showing Kimbers the octopus
And the sea turtle, which she was a bit afraid of

Took a trip to Sea World a few days ago, didn't take too many pics, but here are a few that I managed to take.
Kina beans and the sea turtle
Kina beans and the Mambo (Kate and Kina were very disappointed that there wasn't a manatee at sea world)

Having a ride on Thomas

Kissing the stone Walrus

Suika wari!
Even Kimbs gave it a try
But Kina ate most of it..

Outdoor Fun

Kimbers, playing in the gym

Kate on her favorite swing made by Aiki ("Mom, this is my favorite picture of me")

And Kina beans, playing in our "pool". It's a inflatable raft that we stuck a kiddy slide into.
Unfortunately, my girls are too scared to go down the slide and all Kina does in this pool is play with her watering can..
But, it's great, as it's finally too hot to do anything else outside, at least in the morning and noon time..

Here's what it looks like..pretty nifty, eh?

Pics from our Nambo Paradise trip we took awhile back.

Kate--ecstatic at being able to hold a guinea pig (she later freaked when it started wiggling around)Kimbs--who enjoyed all the animals just as much as the other girl, tho' she looks pretty glum here..
Kina beans holding the feeder to feed the birds, Kate wasn't brave enough to try this..
Doing it by herself--it was all well and good till I realized that these birds pees and poop and you too..
Auntie Joan making Kina do strange things..
Making her take pics with the plants
This is moments before that ice-cream melted and got everywhere..

Me, Kimbers, and one giant turtle..

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