Pics from our Nambo Paradise trip we took awhile back.

Kate--ecstatic at being able to hold a guinea pig (she later freaked when it started wiggling around)Kimbs--who enjoyed all the animals just as much as the other girl, tho' she looks pretty glum here..
Kina beans holding the feeder to feed the birds, Kate wasn't brave enough to try this..
Doing it by herself--it was all well and good till I realized that these birds pees and poop and you too..
Auntie Joan making Kina do strange things..
Making her take pics with the plants
This is moments before that ice-cream melted and got everywhere..

Me, Kimbers, and one giant turtle..


  1. Joan said...
    mmhmm....wonderful joan indeed!!
    Joan said...
    mmhmm....wonderful joan indeed!!

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