Outdoor Fun

Kimbers, playing in the gym

Kate on her favorite swing made by Aiki ("Mom, this is my favorite picture of me")

And Kina beans, playing in our "pool". It's a inflatable raft that we stuck a kiddy slide into.
Unfortunately, my girls are too scared to go down the slide and all Kina does in this pool is play with her watering can..
But, it's great, as it's finally too hot to do anything else outside, at least in the morning and noon time..

Here's what it looks like..pretty nifty, eh?


  1. Anonymous said...
    Photo 1: (Ryo) Mommy, who IS that???

    Photo 2: (Ray) Katie, Katie, look Mom, it's Katie, she's so cute! -Ray
    Mary said...
    haha, so sweet

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