We have...

...Hand-foot-and-mouth disease! Thankfully the kids seem pretty happy and genki aside from the blisters on their hands and feet. Keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't spread like wildfire to the other 40 people tho' :). Here's a couple more pics from Seaworld as well as from a beach trip we took a little bit before. We are sweating it out in this humid, hot weather, but the kids seem pretty happy all things considered.

Beach trip!Barbecuing sausages
Trying to feed all 3 girls at once
Kimbs, who sucked on this chicken bone for a good 15 mins

Very happy to be in the water
She enjoyed it soo much!
Showing Kimbers the octopus
And the sea turtle, which she was a bit afraid of

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  1. Aunty Doan said...
    AWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss them SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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