Kimbs; greedily eying the yakisobaYum!
Shun's artistic picture of Kimbers
Kate--who was pretty grumpy over the fact that everyone was trying to take her picture (can you tell that I put make-up on her?)
Eating kakipeas
Kate--waiting to perform
Kina beans
Whatta cute costume!!
Onamae wa nandesuka? Kina: Hawaii desu Nansai desu ka? Kina: Hawaii desu Dokokara kimashita? Kina: Hula desu.
Kate did the jikoshyokai all right
Singing and dancing with all their hearts
Such little performers

The end

Family Photo

We are alive! We've been busy with barbecues and beach trips and fun and festivals. I've had my hands full with the kids, so all the pics were taken by lots of other people, but that means that I have none to post. The only one I have now is this most recent family photo from our yearly Summer Festival. I'll try and collect all the others from everyone and post a whole lot more later.

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