Family Photo

We are alive! We've been busy with barbecues and beach trips and fun and festivals. I've had my hands full with the kids, so all the pics were taken by lots of other people, but that means that I have none to post. The only one I have now is this most recent family photo from our yearly Summer Festival. I'll try and collect all the others from everyone and post a whole lot more later.


  1. Chacha said...
    your family is GORGEOUS!!
    and you look reeeeeeally good in this photo!!
    Michelle said...
    Yeah, I think so too. Mary, you look too cute. Really great colors on you 2.Love you guys.
    Mary said...
    awww...thanks :)
    Vesna said...
    Love your haircut!!! I did something really similar to mine too! Looks very good on you.
    Love you guys! Great family shot.

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