Summer Photos

Mostly of beach related activities (barbecues, etc.). This is what we've been doing for the past month and a half! Well..along with work and school of course :) It's been too hot to do much else other than go to the beach or take the kids to the kiddy pool. We've been having a lot of fun and tho' we had a week or so with little coughs and colds, we've been basically happy and healthy. Kate got a bad cut on her knee a week or 2 ago and then it got infected and spread, so now her knee is covered in band aids, but she's been pretty brave about it all, and only freaks out when her band aids start to fall off (she starts whimpering and telling me that she can't walk anymore..haha). Kimbs is starting to talk and Kristy and Katie are growing up as well.

Kina beans at the beach. We were having barbeque in the evening at a little beach house.Katester--wandering around
All the grown-ups were drinking beer after beer and the only 'juice' they had was cola and this vitamin drink.
Getting dark--Aiki feeding the kids yakisoba
The girlies checking out Lils tongue pierce at another barbeque we had
Kate points at it with her stick
and Kina gets a closer look
My fat Kimbers
Haha..sorry Aiki, she isn't catching your enthusiasm
More food!
With A.Joan

Kina beans and I
Sooo cuuute!
My 3 girlies :)

Joan's kissing pictures

And Kimby's faces

Lounging in HER couch..she doesn't let anyone else sit in this..


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