Good-Bye Joan!!

Well A.Joan left us yesterday, and she STILL hasn't made it to El Paso yet (boy, will she be tired when she arrives!). We went out to eat with her for one last time and we took the kiddos to a real park while Joan took some last pictures of the girlies with her super camera. We will miss her (and her camera).Kimbins, waiting for her food
The girls loved the slide..especially this girl

Kimbers, crawling around

And a grumpy Aiki :)


  1. Anonymous said...
    Grumpy Aiki ahahahaha, I like to see that.....
    Joan said...
    gosh my face looks squeaky clear!!

    kimbs' fat face....oh maaan!!
    Anonymous said...
    aikis hat is just awful
    Josh sakurai
    Joan said...
    hahahha LIKE joshs comment.

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