We are just getting over the chicken pox. Kristy had a really light case, wasn't much of anything, but Katie had a day or 2 where all she did was cry, poor baby had huge sores on her body :(. But now she is doing better, and the spots are all scabbed over, so that is a relief.

Here's a pic I took of Kate and Aiki...they both sleep with their mouths open
Kate--getting over the chicken pox
Here's some of the shows that the girls did before they came down with chicken pox

This is their ending pose..I love how the older kids are doing it exactly right, while Kayden poses right in front of all of them and Kristy ends facing the back
So sweet!


  1. aunty joan said...
    SOOO cute!! I love the little kids' outfits and stuff.
    Dawn said...
    Aww, your kids performing is the cutest thing ever!
    would love to see a clip of it**Post**
    aunty joan said...
    hahahah and aiki's hair is a smoking disaster.
    Mary said...
    yeah aiki's hair is pretty sick...and I wish I could post clips, but our internet is wayyyy too slow :(

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