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No new photos to post yet, though there should be some soon. The 2 older girlies have been doing a few "shows", singing and dancing at different places, but I haven't gotten any photos from them yet. But I figured I should update this with something as I haven't posted anything in awhile. I tried uploading the cutest video of Kimbers, talking up a storm, but our internet is too slow, so I'm going to have to stick with photos. Most of these pics were taken in November.

On one of our trips to Nambo Paradise..I loove Kimby's face!
Kate was pretty thrilled to hold the guinea pig..until it started moving

Kristy trying to give an angry face

She looks like a little boy in this pic
And the 3 girls in their new sweaters from their great-grandparents..their favorite "Dora"
Yeeeah..not such a good photo of them
And Taiki and Kimbins

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  1. aunty joan said...
    hahahha!!!! I laughed out loud when I saw kimbers face!! I remember when katie first held one of those, remember how she SCREAMED HER HEAD OFF?!!?!

    i miss these girlies, kina looks kinda down-sho still...

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