Some photos I just got from mom of the girlies during Christmas. It was great fun opening presents this year as all 3 girls were very excited and couldn't wait for "Santa to come bring us presents". Katie asked every day if it was Christmas yet, and both the girls put out cookies and milk for Santa.

Our humble Christmas tree in our room Mom with her present.
And me opening mine..
Kimbs loved her piano
And Aiki with the awesome bag I got him (don't ask me why he is half naked)
Kina's first opened present, thus the "I'm still sleeping look". By the end they were all wide awake and were disappointed when the present opening ended
Kate, with her precious "stroller for my babies". This was the hottest item this year, with all the kids (including the boys) loving it.

Kimbins with her doll..aww look at her happy face :)
Kina, with her "sleeping while walking, blue care bear" and her dora pjs from Auntie Alyx
Kimbs with all her goodies
And her standing in front of the big tree...
Cakes that mom and I worked all day to make
And a shot of the food
Kimbins with her cake that she ate in literally 3 bites
Eating ribs!
The girls loved it!

and a shot of my strange children with their grandma
Opening otoshidama. Mom made them open it..
They were pretty disappointed, "What is this anyway Mom?"

Photos from my awesome Christmas Present..thanks babe! :)

First ones are ones that Kate took. Every quiet time she wants to play with my itouch and take photos of random things. I have to sort through a million photos every day AND recharge my itouch.

Kristy taking a napOne she took of Aiki
Trying to take a photo of her self
One she took of me
We went to a park while on a shopping trip to Chiba...I used to play at this park when I was a kid. The kids absolutely loved it and ask every day if they can go back there.
What a cutie
My mumsy is leaving tomorrow...nice Mom
Aiki and I, trying out matching jackets at Doki Doki. You can't really tell in this pic, I took a better one, but accidentally deleted it :(

A couple more pics from us at Christmas. We ushered in the New Year nursing sick kids. Kimbs is the last of our kiddos to come down with the chicken pox. She was running a 40 degree fever and had a 3 minute seizure that gave us quite a scare, so we took her to the hospital for a check-up just to make sure everything was ok, tho' since it was night time all the clinics in the area were closed so we drove to a hospital over an hour away. Our other 2 kids also came down with colds, so they were up a lot at night as well...sooo, that's how we spent our New Years :) But, thankfully, Kimby is a lot better now, no fever and is eating and drinking like she was never sick, tho' her rash is still making her uncomfortable. Anyways after all the above was over, Aiki came down with the cold as well and I have a headache from all the drama, keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the New Year will not continue as it started. Hope everyone else had a better New Year's then we did.

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