Christmas Present

Photos from my awesome Christmas Present..thanks babe! :)

First ones are ones that Kate took. Every quiet time she wants to play with my itouch and take photos of random things. I have to sort through a million photos every day AND recharge my itouch.

Kristy taking a napOne she took of Aiki
Trying to take a photo of her self
One she took of me
We went to a park while on a shopping trip to Chiba...I used to play at this park when I was a kid. The kids absolutely loved it and ask every day if they can go back there.
What a cutie
My mumsy is leaving tomorrow...nice Mom
Aiki and I, trying out matching jackets at Doki Doki. You can't really tell in this pic, I took a better one, but accidentally deleted it :(


  1. Aunty Joan said...
    hahahahhaa I like the one of the one she took of herself, hahaha she looks like an obese kid!!!
    Alyx said...
    ahhhhhhhhh creepy i remember that ufo. do they still have those things where i fell off of and broke my arm?

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