Happy New Year!

A couple more pics from us at Christmas. We ushered in the New Year nursing sick kids. Kimbs is the last of our kiddos to come down with the chicken pox. She was running a 40 degree fever and had a 3 minute seizure that gave us quite a scare, so we took her to the hospital for a check-up just to make sure everything was ok, tho' since it was night time all the clinics in the area were closed so we drove to a hospital over an hour away. Our other 2 kids also came down with colds, so they were up a lot at night as well...sooo, that's how we spent our New Years :) But, thankfully, Kimby is a lot better now, no fever and is eating and drinking like she was never sick, tho' her rash is still making her uncomfortable. Anyways after all the above was over, Aiki came down with the cold as well and I have a headache from all the drama, keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of the New Year will not continue as it started. Hope everyone else had a better New Year's then we did.


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