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I will most likely stop posting on this blog, since the photos were mainly for family and now most my family is on facebook, so I'll post the pics of the girlies there. I may start posting again, if we get a new camera or I get super excited about taking lots of photos of the girls. But for now, I'm gonna stop. I started a Tumblr blog, but dunno if I want to give the URL right now.

We had planned to go visit Ray and Ryo's house for their birthday, but Kate came down with a fever. We are going this weekend, but didn't wait to celebrate their birthday. Kate asked for a purple hippo again, and Kina was stuck on a care bear until the day before, when she switched to a pig...I really have no idea why.

Here's Kate, with her grown-up smileAnd Kristy with her biggest put-on smile
Kina's cake...don't mind the freaky nostrils
And Kate's
With her friend, Theo..
Awww...sooo sweet :)
And this one is sooo cute..talking up a storm...she loves attention and cuddles and is still very much my baby
She looks like a creepy obachan

Some pics from our trip down South. We stayed at Aiki's aunt's house, which was a traditional Japanese house with tatami mats and sliding glass doors (the biggest hazard in my opinion, the 2 youngest caught their fingers in those doors at least twice a day), but other than broken reading glasses, and a bit of color pencil on the floor, we didn't do too much damage, TG. We saw all Aiki's relatives, including his mom's twin (Kimby called her Grandma), and they loved all the girls and fed them candy all day. The girls got to go to a whole bunch of parks, including one with a turf mountain that you can slide down with sleds, as well as an amusement park and an aquarium. They had a ton of fun and were relatively good on the 11 hour ride home.

Sushi!! Kate loooves sushi, and ate a whole ton of shrimp, which I suppose she liked because of the tail. Kina preferred to just eat the rice and ate a whole bowl of eda mame.
Kate the first go on the carousel
Timbs looved the amusement park, she was so intense and serious about the whole experience, and she still talks about it now.
Finally got her to smile
Second round, they went on this ride 3 times. Kate realized there was a mirror in the middle and kept smiling at herself and fixing her hair...ha! She always asked me to put a 'brad' in her hair. Such a princess.

Kimbs rode these animals 4 times. The girls also got to ride on a train, a ferris wheel, cars, and a bicycle that circled the park from up high.
Awww..the girls looked soo cute in the bathtub together

Kate's sucha poser...her and Kimbs loved this, Kristy was just freaked out
And a few of Timbs

Kina Beans turned 3 yesterday! I will do a post with the few pictures I took on my itouch from our trip down South soon, but for now here is a photo of Kina with her ice-cream sundae ("My birthday is on Sunday!!").


Some photos I just got from mom of the girlies during Christmas. It was great fun opening presents this year as all 3 girls were very excited and couldn't wait for "Santa to come bring us presents". Katie asked every day if it was Christmas yet, and both the girls put out cookies and milk for Santa.

Our humble Christmas tree in our room Mom with her present.
And me opening mine..
Kimbs loved her piano
And Aiki with the awesome bag I got him (don't ask me why he is half naked)
Kina's first opened present, thus the "I'm still sleeping look". By the end they were all wide awake and were disappointed when the present opening ended
Kate, with her precious "stroller for my babies". This was the hottest item this year, with all the kids (including the boys) loving it.

Kimbins with her doll..aww look at her happy face :)
Kina, with her "sleeping while walking, blue care bear" and her dora pjs from Auntie Alyx
Kimbs with all her goodies
And her standing in front of the big tree...
Cakes that mom and I worked all day to make
And a shot of the food
Kimbins with her cake that she ate in literally 3 bites
Eating ribs!
The girls loved it!

and a shot of my strange children with their grandma
Opening otoshidama. Mom made them open it..
They were pretty disappointed, "What is this anyway Mom?"

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